The howling wind tapped on to his window. He stood up abruptly to take a closer look. His fingertips were laid on the thin circular cut glass. The vapour melted away in between the gentle touch of his knuckles. He could see precipitous shadows running hazardously to the horizon.

They soon became so compacted the proper eye would have trouble identifying them from one another. It was inevitable if he could look down upon them, it would be no different than an ink being inadvertently spilled on paper. So tremendous the harmony is ruined, so dimunitive it perfectly orients itself to the catastrophe, emerging demurely but efficaciously. His eyelids trembled once a beam of light, so dull and pointed, whacked him in the face. He was lured into the duskiness, slowly losing the connection with the inner self. With every step he took he felt like the soil drained the life out of him. With every step he took, he watched his essence shatter, scattering its pieces behind him. '

'The remains in a protracted await, eager to be collected. Bare feet stamping on the acquiescent and the disenchantment of others. Subsequently were slender skins pinned to the ground, making it onerous to move. I felt lighter and lighter as the impact of the feelings diminished, I sat in silence as the memory of my last events were languishingly being altered. Then struck the blackness'' He felt sickened once he realised had he the access to his last memories during the transition. He cognised the system was close to being faultless. They were warned if any abnormal activity is detected in the scans they would be contacted by the authorities. Leaving the rest to obscurity and uncertainty. He should have been purified from his emotions and humanitarian needs.

Yet all he could feel was the fear possessing his entity. He was unsettled by the accelerated steps and the grey figures enclosing him. He shifted his gaze to the get a haphazard glimpse of the marching men in suits. With the corner of his eye he could see polished leather shoes accompanying the march. His eyes followed the grey ashy lines on the suit, up to the top. The remnant was a blur. He could see identical men, with the identical conceal on their faces. Why couldn't he see the men's faces?